WHEN should tires that show little or no signs of wear be replaced?

My wife has never experienced a flat tire while driving. She’s had tires lose their grip in storm runoff, wet leaves and black ice—but not because of wear, punctures or heaven forbid a sudden BLOWOUT. (She tenses up while opening a can of refrigerator biscuits!) I hope she never has a tire blowout – and that goes for our customers and their families, too. We are in the auto repair business to keep your car running efficiently and safely; and tires are definitely included on the list of scheduled maintenance checkups. We cannot control anyone’s driving habits, car storage, routes traveled, weather or budgets– some of the things that affect tire-buying and usage. We can show you how to find the date your tires were manufactured and what kind of wear- patterns to look out for. Maybe it is a good idea (as some have suggested) for manufacturers to add color to the surface that eventually will wear off–and alert consumers that the tread is getting too low. In the meantime, we can help anyone become more informed and confident about their tires.

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