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Isaac Johnson

Isaac Johnson, a 40-year veteran in the auto repair industry, created AASC in 2005. They developed a full-service facility with 16 bays and 9 lifts, capable of handling everything from basic tire repairs to comprehensive engine replacements, with the help of his son Matthew. They have expanded their services to accept Extended Warranties for old cars, as well as provide warranty reviews and second opinions.

IKE Owner
Mike Fillman

Mike Fillman

Mike Fillman, a certified master technician and shop foreman, arrived just in time. Mike is well-equipped to handle the challenges of running a large business, thanks to a variety of mechanical and technical automotive expertise. He is skilled at understanding engine light signals and diagnostic codes, but he also assures thoroughness by performing test drives to discover and address all reported car issues.


Andrew Haines, who has vast experience in the towing sector, has also joined as Assistant Manager in charge of customer service and store communications. His approachable and efficient demeanor has earned him positive internet evaluations, proving his dedication to providing excellent service. As a whole, Advanced Automotive Service Center stands as a well-established and customer-oriented auto repair business, led by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to meeting their clients’ automotive needs.

Ike Drew

What we offer:

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About NAPA AutoCare

As a member of the NAPA AutoCare Program, we adhere to a strict code of ethics that ensures our customers get the best service possible. This code includes:

  • Providing high-quality diagnostic and repair service at a reasonable price using quality NAPA parts.
  • Hiring only ASE-certified technicians.
  • Striving for customer satisfaction.
  • Taking reasonable care of the customer’s property while it is in our custody.
  • Getting prior authorization and providing a price estimate for work done.
  • Having a system for fair resolution of customer complaints if they arise.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of our profession.
  • Upholding the integrity of all members of the NAPA AutoCare Program.
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